Scalable NFT lending and borrowing

Honey is empowering NFT collectors with simple financial tools to participate in DeFi.


Borrow against your NFTs

Honey Finance allows users to obtain instant liquidity on DeFi's most illiquid assests, enabling loans to be issued in the metaverse.

NFT Loans

Borrow from pools of liquidity at a variable interest rate

Lenders earn yield by single staking WETH or USDC, while borrowers can take out loans with their NFTs as collateral.

Honey also enables tokenised strucutred products to be collateralised, creating a new layer of liquidity for financial derivatives.


Honey is building the financial systems of tomorrow's metaverse games.

NFT Pools

Earn yield by staking NFTs for collection rewards.

$HONEY Liquid Assets in DeFi

Earn rewards for directing liquidity across our markets.

NFT Liquidation Solution

Opportunity Cost

Capital locked up in NFTs is missing out on all of the opportunities in DeFi.

Unlocking liquidity from NFTs allows you to earn yield, or participate in the next NFT mint.


NFTs cannot be traded easily. Borrowing against an NFT in your collection means you no longer have to sell it!

Collateralisation also means less listings, reducing the volatility of supported collections.

Unrealized Gains

Borrowing against NFTs allow collectors to profit from rising prices without needing to cash out early.

No need to flip NFTs, you can now invest in the long term without sacrificing your liquidity.



NFTs Deposited


Daily Transactions



Avg. Value

168 SOL


Avg. Value

1380 SOL


Avg. Value

1.0324 ETH


Avg. Value

10.03 ETH

How it works?

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Honey allows lenders to deposit capital into pools of liquidity in return for yield.


Borrowers deposit NFT collateral to withdraw capital from lending pools.


Interest accrues on the borrower's debt. It must be repaid to withdraw the collateral

Partenered with

Honey Finance is run by our DAO and operated by Honey Labs.

Honey DAO

Governed by veHONEY, the DAO allows stakeholders to vote on strategy, treasury, emissions, risk parameters for the protocol.

The DAO allows open source contributors to participate in the development of Honey Finance, paying bounties and incentives to it's builders.

Honey Labs

Honey Labs builds the protocol and proposes changes to the DAO. It oversees day to day operations and version updates.

Honey Labs also develops privatised lending markets for institutions looking to trade with NFT collateral.